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Escrow Zap contract addresses

Composing tools across the ecosystem allows us to leverage existing work and focus on the unique aspects of our projects. Here are the contracts we use in our Escrow Zap.

Escrow Zap0xE52fFb810cFb882A5C1085b9c01F189cD356a9B4
Safe Factory0xa6B71E26C5e0845f74c812102Ca7114b6a896AB2
Safe Singleton0x3E5c63644E683549055b9Be8653de26E0B4CD36E
Safe Fallback Handler0xf48f2B2d2a534e402487b3ee7C18c33Aec0Fe5e4
Escrow Factory0x7f8F6E42C169B294A384F5667c303fd8Eedb3CF3
Spoils Manager0x8C9c85b41a9491388320eA27d74A037D93d07C0F

Previous (Split) Escrow

  • Previous Raid Guild Escrow home page:
  • The previous version of the SmartEscrow contract was an iteration that used a single custom split interface in the escrow itself. This was a great learning experience, but we have since moved to using the SplitMain contract for splitting funds.
  • Direct link to a specific raid escrow:[raidID]

Escrow v1


Never send funds (ERC20 tokens or xDAI) directly to the v1 Escrow Smart Contract. Those funds will not be recoverable.