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Ship a Raid

Raid Ship


Once the client has paid the second half of the project, move the deal to Shipped.

Finish a Raid

Once you’ve delivered on your Scope of Work, please have a Cleric communicate directly with the Client to ensure final payment has been made.

When payment is received, the very first step is to deposit 10% of that Raid total back to the War Chest.

This can be done by sending wxDAI or WETH (or any whitelisted token) to the DAO Treasury (0x181e...63ac) and posting in #did-a-thing with the transaction hash. This process is automated with Raid Guild’s Escrow implementation.


Spoils for raids are handled automatically as a part of the Escrow process. When Escrows are created for raids the DAO's split contract is used as the recipient. The spoils percentage is set by the DAO and can be updated at any time. The spoils are sent to the DAO's treasury vault.

Learn more about spoils in the Escrow process.