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Become an Apprentice

Cohort-based onboarding

Raid Guild does onboarding in cohorts. You’ll join voice calls with your cohort in the Raid Guild Discord for an introduction to the guild and how it operates.

As you go through onboarding you’ll make connections with those in your cohort, and you’ll work together on projects.

Whether you will become a member of Raid Guild will depend on the work you produce and the connections you make.

Web3 ethos: "I don't care what school you went to or how many start ups you've exited. Just show me the code!"

Here’s how to get started.

A Map of the Journey

Journey Map: discovery to membership

Apprentice Resources

How Cohorts work

1. Apply to join Raid Guild

Apply to join Raid Guild by filling the application form on the Raid Guild website.

Take your time filling out the form. We’ll determine if you’re a good fit for the Guild based on your ability to communicate your skills and the value you’ll bring as an apprentice.

Please be aware that filling out the form does not guarantee we will accept you as an apprentice.

2. Join the Raid Guild Discord

Click here to join the Raid Guild Discord server.

Introduce yourself in the #tavern channel.

Showcase your past work and skills in the #shill-your-stuff channel.

3. Wait for the start of the next onboarding

Your patience will be rewarded with access to Discord channels set up for your cohort. Keep an eye on your email for a notification about the start date and the timing for the first of the cohort voice calls.

4. Complete the onboarding

Join all the calls, complete all the quests, show your work, build your reputation. Take your shot on a RAID or RIP when you get the chance, join hackathons and slay demons!

At the end of the cohort you’ll take part in a demo day and show your stuff to the world.