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Become a Member

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To advance from an Apprentice to a Member, you will need to complete a cohort and be championed by an existing Raid Guild Member. Once you find a Champion, your Champion will need to put down a stake of $RAID tokens. See the Champion a New Member for how this works.

Once you’ve found a Champion, you are eligible to level up from an Apprentice to a Member and receive your 100 shares in the Raid Guild DAO.

Here's what to do:

Follow the Proposal Process and use the Membership Proposal to request the difference in Shares to get to your 100 share cap in the Raid Guild DAO. In the description of your proposal, enter a Blockscout link to the staking transaction that your Champion gives you. This is how the DAO will validate that your Champion made the appropriate stake.


Please note that all new members are capped at 100 Shares for 500 wxDAI.

Once your proposal has passed and been processed, you’ll now have 100 shares and full membership in Raid Guild!

To get access to member-exclusive channels in the Raid Guild Discord server, head to the #member-join channel and enter the !join command. Then follow the CollabLand instructions to get your @Raid Guild Member role. Now you're ready to join a Raid!

To ensure that your Champion gets their $RAID stake back, you'll need to fulfill the following 3 criteria within your first 60 days as a member (starting from when your membership proposal is processed):

  1. Successfully join at least 1 Raid or RIP. This include raids or RIPs completed within the first 60 days as well as raids or RIPs still in progress (provided that you are in good standing on that project).
  2. Attend at least 2 Guild meetings, including Roundtable and Raider Rally.
  3. Demonstrate shared values with the Guild (at the discretion of the DAO).