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Convert Client Submission Into a Raid


All client submissions that have paid for a consultation land into Raid Guild’s "Raid Central V2 Airtable" and display as Uncategorized. All project submissions will soon require a deposit to the guildBank for a consultation.

Account managers (a.k.a. Clerics) reach out to clients to set up a consultation. Once you've reached out to a client, add that to the notes in the submission. Then people will know that you're the lead on that project.

Consultation Fee

Raid Guild requires a 500 DAI consultation fee be paid by the Client to Raid Guild, this ensures that Clerics (Account Managers) are compensated for their work with Clients before any work commences.

The Consultations are designed to be handled by one to two persons max to keep payment per person high enough to be equitable.

We recommend that within one month of completing the consultation you submit an ERC-20 Token Transfer to the Raid Guild DAO requesting your fair share of the consultation fee. After you have received payment, make sure to submit a funding proposal to tribute 10% as spoils back to the Raid Guild War Chest.

If you are a Cleric who chooses not to claim your consultation fee within one month of completing the consultation, be aware that the longer you wait the more you risk losing the opportunity to claim the funds for that consultation all together, that is if the Guild does not recognize your funding proposal.

Prepping for Battle and/or Lost

After consultation (30-60min) is conducted, if you feel you are not equipped to carry the Raid forward, refer someone else and move the project from uncategorized to the lost category in the Airtable. Next you will want to pull in appropriate subject matter experts needed to scope the project using the Commission Process (see below section).