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Commission Process

After the Raid enters Prepping for Battle, the Cleric who led the consultation is responsible for gathering additional Raiders as is necessary to scope out the full project.

All Raiders who participate in the Prepping for Battle phase are entitled to compensation. Right now that is 3% of the project budget that will be allocated as a commission to the Raiders involved.

This commission comes out of the client payment for the project itself, keep in mind this is separate from the consultation fee.

For example, let’s say a client submits a consultation for a 40k DAI project. First, a Cleric would take the consultation and earn the consultation fee. During the consultation, it was decided the project budget needed to be increased to 50k DAI to accommodate for additional scope. At this point, the raider would want to pull in subject matter experts i.e. one designer and two engineers to help scope the project. A commission of 1,500 DAI or 3% would then be owed to those who participated.

Following completion of the commission process, send your client a Raid Proposal that defines the scope of work to be completed by the Raid Party.


Once the client has agreed to the project and sent the first half of the project payment then move the project to Raiding.

After the project has moved from Preparing for BattleRaiding, the team would be responsible for collecting their commission payment from a shared multisig or DAO they set up.

Raid Guild introduced this new commission process to further incentivize Raiders to close deals and compensate Raiders for their time leading up to Raiding. For more details on the commission process, see the Commission Model.