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Lead a Raid

Well well well! Welcome to the big leagues.

Looks like you’ve decided to step your Raiding up a level!

As a Leader of a Raid, you will bear the responsibility of seeing it through from start to finish - through the good, the bad and the ugly. As emphasized in our code of conduct we prioritize shipping at all costs. This often means you’ll need to go above and beyond to make sure all gaps are filled.

Where leading certain Raids may not have guaranteed economic benefits, you do stand to gain rep for successfully completing your first Raid. To lead a Raid, please do the following:

  1. Ensure the Raid is logged in Airtable as Raiding
  2. Find a Cleric (Account Manager) and a Monk (Project Manager) responsible for interfacing with the client. If you wish to perform these aspects yourself, please self-assign yourself the role.
  3. Signal that you will be leading a Raid either during Round Table or by posting in Guild HQ’s #general channel.
  4. Establish a Scope of Work for the Raid. This task is generally handled by Clerics or Monks, but in the case this is you, please ensure a timeline, scope and budget is properly laid out to ensure expectations are aligned. An outline of a Scope of Work can be found here.
  5. Create a Raid Party using Guild HQ’s #who-is-available channel and tagging the relevant roles like Archer (Design) or Paladin (Back-end)
  6. If a Client Camp channel has not been started, please start one using the project name so others can easily identify the Raid. (i.e. #aave)
  7. Start a #raid channel and ensure access is restricted only to Raid Guild Members and Apprentices. Please reference the permissions of other Raid Channels for guidance
  8. While not mandatory, we strongly recommend setting up a Gnosis Safe Multisig Wallet for your Raid Party to accept client payment. This ensures that funding can be allocated and distributed with consensus from all participants.
  9. We also recommend using the Raid Guid Escrow service to facilitate payments from the client.

For those looking for guidance on how to structure a Raid bounty, here’s what we suggest:

  • 10% War Chest Treasury — mandatory
  • 5% Hunter (Biz Dev)
  • 10% Cleric (Account Manager)
  • 15% Monk (Project Manager)
  • 60% Project (Wizard, Paladin, Archer, etc.)

This is meant to be a framework and as such, different Raid breakdowns may vary. All that we ask is that a minimum of 10% of Raid work is tributed back to the War Chest upon completion.