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Join a Raid

Raid Guild Members and capable Apprentices from onboarding cohorts are eligible to join a Raid.

The Cleric in charge of the Raid will determine if an Apprentice has shown sufficient skill to be included in the raiding party.

Raids are discussed on the #cohort-voice channel and Raiding parties are formed at the weekly Raider Roundup Meetings (Tuesdays 1pm EDT / 10am PST / 6pm UTC). During these meetings, Clerics announce the client work that has been going on, and Apprentices and members will have a chance to contact the Cleric to become part of the raiding party.

The #cohort-voice channel can be accessed by members, and Apprentices who have been onboarded.

decorative image of a raiding party

One way to view the Raids currently underway is to check out Dungeon Master. Dungeon Master is only available to those who are members of the Raid Guild DAO or a cohort sub-DAO.

Active Raids can be seen under the Raids channel. To join an existing Raid, please look for Guilders which are most active in the channel and shoot them a DM to discuss where you can add value.

We’d like to emphasize that jumping into a Raid without prior consent and context from existing members may be counterproductive. Please use the Raid channels and DMs as a starting point.

As the costs and budget for each Raid varies, please ensure that your expectations for payouts on completed tasks are discussed before you begin work.

For questions on how to price a given issue, please drop a note in #general (members only channel) or reach out to the Cleric on the job.