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How Does It Work?

Raid Guild has partnered with SmartInvoice to handle Escrow services. SmartInvoice was originally developed inside the guild and spun out to pursue its own path.

Advantages of SmartInvoice

  • Raid parties can be sure that the client has the money to pay for the raid.
  • The client gains protections in case we don't deliver on our promise.
  • Milestones provide checkpoints for the project to hit the final deliverable
  • Milestones can be flexibly added to extended projects

Escrow Zap

  • Automates the process of paying spoils back to the Guild via Splits
  • Utilizes Splits to handle coordinating payouts between raiders for the project
  • Bundles the transactions needed to get a project started into one

A SmartInvoice escrow has 4 main functions:

  1. Register creates a new escrow account (should be done by the raid party).
  2. Deposit deposits funds into that escrow account (should be done by the client).
  3. Release releases (should be done by the client).
  4. Lock triggers a dispute with the arbitration provider, locking the remaining funds in the escrow accounts so they cannot be released (can be done by the client or the raid party).