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Interacting With the Escrow

General tips

  • Make sure the Client address is not a centralized exchange address. Client will not have access to call the necessary functions.
  • Clients depositing from a smart contract account (such as a DAO or multisig) will need to ensure that the account can interact with other smart contracts (e.g. via Aragon Agent, Moloch Minion, or a Gnosis Safe contract interaction).
  • All of these actions are completely composable with SmartInvoice, so if you hit any snags within Dungeon Master, you can utilize that also. Or vice versa (the whole escrow lifecycle is not supported in DM currently -- resolve is not available).


who can do this? client, anyone

When your escrow is ready for funding a button will be provided to initiate a deposit transaction from your wallet.

Funds do not need to be sent from the client address and tokens can be sent directly to the escrow via transfer on any ERC20 tokens.

After initiating the deposit, you can select the number of milestones to fund. You're only required to fund 1 milestone at a time, though you can fund as many as you'd like at one time.

deposit form image


who can do this? client

When a milestone is ready for release you can return to the app to initiate a release for the next milestone. By default only the next milestone will be released.

release form image


who can do this? client, provider

If at any time either party on the agreement wants to dispute the completion of the current milestone/escrow they can lock the escrow to enable the resolver to sort out the dispute off-chain and settle it onchain. After the safety valve date, neither party can lock the escrow.


who can do this? resolver

When a dispute is locked, the resolver can resolve the dispute and release the funds to the appropriate party.


who can do this? client. when can you do this? after safety valve date

If the provider has not completed the work by the safety valve date, the client can withdraw the remaining funds from the escrow. This doesn't affect the client's ability to release milestones but neither party can lock the escrow after the safety valve date.

  • Handle via SmartInvoice