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Getting Started

A hearth in the Raid Guild tavern

Key things to get you started

Find your place


Most of the Raid Guild magic takes place on our Discord server.

You can join the Raid Guild Discord here. When you have been assigned a Raid Guild Member role, then you will be able to access all of Raid Guild’s internal channels. Others – successful cohort members, newcomers, clients – will have access to fewer channels. Refer to the channel guides for reference.

We ask that users of our Discord server keep it polite. Please read our notes on Discord Etiquette.

If you are not a Raid Guild member, we recommend you check out "Become An Apprentice" first. If admitted to the Raid Guild as an apprentice, you’ll have the opportunity to prove your talent and level up in the DAO as you complete tasks, unlocking access to new private channels. This will allow you to take on bigger Raids and contribute to shaping the Guild as we know it today.

Find your path

Humans wanted

Hire Raid Guild

Find out how to hire Raid Guild, and read more on our commission process & smart escrow system.

Join Raid Guild

If you haven't already introduced yourself, the first place you’ll want to make yourself known is #tavern, where you can introduce yourself, your hobbies and your strengths.

From here, you’ll need to work your way into the Guild as part of a cohort:

  1. Apply for onboarding
  2. Read up on what to expect if you become an apprentice
  3. Prove yourself through your work on Raids, RIPs, and cohort projects to qualify to become a member.
  4. Get a member to champion you to enter the Guild!
  5. Get paid through DAOhaus
  6. Vote on Guild proposals
  7. Make connections, buidl stuff and have fun!

The more issues you tackle to improve the Guild, the quicker you’ll get recognized, gain membership and become part of the Guild.

Check out the Raid Guild Tool Shed for accounts, tools, and resources to help you on your journey.