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Moloch V3 (Baal)

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Moloch V3

Raid Guild utilizes the Moloch V3 framework. A great overview of Moloch V3 and its benefits can be found here.

Moloch was popularized due to its Minimum Viable DAO design and the advent of "ragequit" - a means for members to exit the DAO by exchanging their shares for a pro-rata claim on the War Chest’s assets. After using DAOhaus V2 for several years RaidGuild migrated to DAOhaus V3 which offers additional extensibility and updated UX.

The TL;DR of Moloch V3 is that shares and loot are ERC-20 tokens and governance can be adjusted by votes after summoning. The need for minions no longer exists as the DAO can perform arbitratry transactions. Treasuries and vaults are just wrapped safes.