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Getting Paid

Requesting Payment

If you're requesting funding from Raid Guild for a RIP, or payment has been made to the Guild for a Raid, and you would like to request payment be made in shares or loot, you'll want to put up a funding proposal requesting the proportional amount owed to you based off your agreement with your Raid Party.

It is important to note that you can request up to 20% of your payment be made in the form of voting shares, and the remaining amount can be requested in Loot or any token that has been whitelisted by the Raid Guild DAO.

Spoils and Getting more shares

Raid party - 10%

10% of total invoice goes to spoils (direct payment to the guild)

example: Raid party is paid 1000DAI for first milestone, 100DAI goes to the guild and 900DAI is distributed to raid party members.

reason: The guild has provided value by creating the network.

Member - up to 20%

Has the option to buy shares as what we call ‘proof of contribution’. This is up to 20% of what was paid

example: member was paid 1000DAI for their work in a raid. The member can now buy up to 200DAI worth of shares. A share always costs 5wxDAI/1share

reason: the only way to get more shares, outside of initial membership of 100 shares is to buy more shares. Because you are buying shares, and not being gifted shares, you are not diluting the other members. 20% is the max so the overall number of total shares does not balloon too quickly.