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How to get RAID tokens

We’ll swap xDAI to get RAID tokens. See here for How to get xDAI.

How to get RAID

  1. Add the RAID token to your Gnosis Chain network wallet in MetaMask.
  2. Swap xDAI for RAID on Honeyswap.

1. Add the RAID token to your Gnosis Chain network wallet in MetaMask

  • Copy the contract address for the token. (See table below)
  • In MetaMask, click Import Tokens, then paste in the contract address and wait for the rest of the fields to fill automatically.
Raid Guild Token ⚔️ from Ethereum0x18E9262e68Cc6c6004dB93105cc7c001BB103e49
Screenshot of the Import tokens link in MetaMask
Import tokens, highlighted with green.
Screenshot of import tokens screen with RAID token
Import tokens screen with RAID token.

2. Swap xDAI for RAID on Honeyswap

At the time of writing (June 2022), Honeyswap had the best price for xDAI/RAID swaps.

  • Go to Honeyswap and connect your wallet, approving the connection in MetaMask.
  • Switch to the Gnosis Chain in network in MetaMask to swap xDAI.
  • Select xDAI to swap from
  • Click SELECT A TOKEN, and type RAID (or paste the RAID token contract address)
  • Enter the amount to swap, review the transaction details after a swap route is found, click Swap when you’re ready and confirm the swap. (Don’t swap 100%; leave some for gas fees)
  • Approve the transaction in MetaMask.
  • You’ll see a ‘PENDING’ notification at the top of the screen, and a confirmation message when the transaction has completed.
  • Check your MetaMask wallet for your RAID tokens
Screenshot Select the RAID token
Select the RAID token.
Honeyswap swap confirmation
Confirm the swap.
RAID token in MetaMask
RAID in the MetaMask wallet.

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