Ship a Raid


Once the client has paid the second half of the project, move the deal to Shipped.

Finish a Raid

Once you’ve delivered on your Scope of Work, please have a Cleric communicate directly with the Client to ensure final payment has been made.

When payment is received, the very first step is to deposit 10% of that Raid total back to the War Chest.

This can be done by sending wxDAI or WETH (or any whitelisted token) to the DAO contract (0xfe10...571f) and posting in #did-a-thing with the transaction hash. Soon this process will be automated to accommodate Raid Guild’s Escrow feature.

While we can not force you to send 10% spoils back to the War Chest Raid Guild will remember your actions until you make amends with the DAO. If you do not have a compelling reason for refusing to pay 10% to the DAO, you stand to be stripped of your Raid Guild Membership.

Next, be sure to archive your Raid Channel by sending it to Valhalla, any guild member can send a raid channel to Valhalla (archive) by using #🎮-command-center with the following command, @keeper valhalla #your-raid-channel-here.