A brief overview of how the Guild operates.


Our Guild is a Moloch V1 DAO. Its funds have been built from grants, member tributes, and raids. All members of the Guild have voting power over the Guild Bank, based on the amount of shares held. Members can earn more shares by completing Raids. Members can ragequit at any time.


The Tavern is the public meeting place for newcomers and veteran adventurers. The tavern is open to all and typically serves as the entry point into the community. Prospective Clients and Members can hang out with active members of Raid Guild to discuss projects, membership, and loot.

Front Tavern

Front Tavern fields inbound requests for the Guild, as well as intitiates outbound leads to discover solid raids for the Guild.

Back Tavern

Back Tavern supports the Front Tavern if/when they need a more technical/expert Member to weigh in on a potential Raid, such as helping flesh out scopes, budgets, timelines, etc

Raid Party

If a project gains enough signal (either financial or social) within the Guild, it becomes a Raid where Guild Members self-organize into a Raid Party to tackle the problem.

Raid Parties are composed of all skills needed for a given Raid.

Raid Skill Classes

Archer (Design)

Dwarf (Treasury)

Healer (Ops)

Hunter (BizDev)

Paladin (Backend Dev)

Necromancer (DevOps)

Tavern Keeper (Community)

Warrior (Frontend Dev)

Wizard (Smart Contracts)