Greetings Guilder!

We see you’ve stumbled across the Handbook. Well done! This guide will serve as your go-to resource for any and all things RaidGuild.

If you’ve made it this far we can tell you’re interested in joining (or have already joined) our decentralized collective of freelance mercenaries ready geared at slaying web3 product demons.

Before we dive in, here are a quick code of conduct to keep in mind:

  • Professionalism - We prioritize shipping at all costs. While we’re all for experimentation, our main goal is to meet deadlines and deliver valuable output in a timely manner. If you commit to a Raid, you should be prepared to do anything and everything to make sure it gets done.
  • Respect - Regardless of what project(s) you have worked on in the past, we ask that you leave all preconceptions about other projects at the door. Raid Guild is a no-beef zone, meaning that we do not discriminate and expect you to withhold all judgement while interacting in or with Raid Guild.
  • Collaboration - Raid Guild is meant to foster new relationships. The last thing we want is for a close knit team to come into Raid Guild and ONLY take on projects with those they’ve previously worked with. We’re all for working with people who you gel with, however please be open to inviting new members to your Raid as you’re likely to be pleasantly surprised by what you find.
  • Honor - Becoming a member of Raid Guild is no easy feat. We ask that all those involved with Raid Guild treat our brand as a seal of honor. This means being kind to others inquiring about the Guild, and ensuring that you are speaking favorably about it when presenting on behalf of the Guild in public. If there is something you do not like about the Guild, please vocalize it internally so that we can do our best to resolve it.
  • Free Speech - Raid Guild is an idea meritocracy. We invite you to always feel free to share your opinion, and know that you will not be punished for sharing conflicting views. In fact, we encourage contentious opinions so long as they are presented in a constructive manner which does not openly bash other members' thoughts and opinions.

With that, let’s learn about the Raid Guild!

Note: Is there something you don’t see in the Handbook that you have questions about? Open an issue here to let us know what we should add!