How To

We’ve created a series of How To tutorials for the most important actions of Raid Guild.

Please note that these processes are ever evolving and that we encourage people to challenge these flows to make them as smooth as possible.

Become an Apprentice

All new entries will start as an Apprentice. Apprentices can earn a maximum of 1 share and may be upgraded to a Guilder by pledging 1WETH as tribute for 10 Shares after being championed. Here’s how it works:

  1. Submit an application on the Raid Guild homepage > Join Us.
  2. Join the Raid Guild Discord and introduce yourself in #tavern. We recommend hunting down a Tavern Keeper to assign you the Apprentice Role so that you can start picking up new issues to earn your keep.
  3. Showcase your past work and skills in #show-n-tell.
  4. Look out for issues to work on in #good-first-issues to earn reputation.
  5. Once you prove yourself with the skills and reputation, a member of the Guild will signal your eligibility to receive your 1 Apprentice Share.
  6. Submit a Membership Proposal for 1 Share with 0 Token Tribute in Pokemol.
  7. Once the proposal passes, you will be given access to member exclusive channels.
  8. For the remaining 9 shares to get yourself promoted from an Apprentice to Member, you need to work on Raids (See How to Join a Raid) or pledge with funds you earn while raiding.
  9. A Member will oversee your progress and once it's done, you will be championed in #champions as a signal for your remaining 9 share proposal.
  10. Submit a Member Proposal for 9 Share with 1 WETH Tribute in Pokemol.
  11. Once the proposal passes, you are now a complete RaidGuild Member.

Note: In some cases, Members may earn shares for past work instead of pledging tribute. However, each Member is expected to contribute 1 WETH (or 1 WETH worth of value) to the DAO in order to become a Member.

Become a Member

To advance from an Apprentice to a Member, you will need to be Championed by an existing Raid Guild Member. This can be seen in the Guild HQ #champions channel and will be brought up during the RoundTable by the Member looking to champion you.

Once you’ve been Championed, you are eligible to level up from an Apprentice to a Member - signalled by 10 Shares as opposed to 1.

Follow the Proposal Process and use the Membership Proposal to request the difference in Shares to get to your 10 Share cap in Pokemol.

Please note that all new members are capped at 10 Shares for 1WETH.

Once you’ve received 10 Shares, you’ll be given access to member-exclusive channels and are now an official member ready to Join a Raid

Join a Raid

Any member with at least one Share is eligible to join an existing Raid.

Active Raids can be seen under the Raids channel. To join an existing Raid, please look for Guilders which are most active in the channel and shoot them a DM to discuss where you can add value.

We’d like to emphasize that jumping into a Raid without prior consent and context from existing Members may be counterproductive, so please use the Raid channels and DM’s to get caught up to speed.

Seeing as the cost and budget of each Raid varies, please ensure that your expectations for payouts for completed tasks are discussed prior to work being performed.

For questions on how to price a given issue, please drop a note in #back-tavern.

Lead a Raid

Well well well! Welcome to the big leagues.

Looks like you’ve decided to step your Guilding up a level!

As a Leader of a Raid, you will bear the responsibility of seeing it through from start to finish - through the good, the bad and the ugly. As emphasized in our code of conduct we prioritize shipping at all costs. This often means you’ll need to go above and beyond to make sure all gaps are filled.

Where leading certain Raids may not have hard coded economic benefits, you do stand to earn a DAO Badge for successfully completing your first Raid. To Lead a Raid, please do the following:

  1. Ensure the Raid is logged in Airtable as an Active Raid.
  2. Find a Cleric (Account Manager) and a Monk (Project Manager) responsible for interfacing with the client. If you wish to perform these aspects yourself, please self-assign yourself the role.
  3. Signal that you will be leading a Raid either during Round Table or by posting in Guild HQ #general.
  4. Establish a Scope of Work for the Raid. This task is generally handled by Clerics or Monks, but in the case this is you, please ensure a timeline, scope and budget is properly laid out to ensure expectations are aligned. An outline of a Scope of Work can be found here.
  5. Create a Raid Party using Battlefield #who-is-available and tagging the relevant roles like Archer (Design) or Paladin (Back-end)
  6. If a Client Chat has not been started, please start one using the project name so others can easily identify the Raid. (i.e. #aave)
  7. Start a #raid channel and ensure access is restricted only to Raid Guild Members and Apprentices. Please reference the permissions of other Raid Channels for guidance
  8. While not mandatory, we strongly recommend setting up a Gnosis Safe Multisig Wallet for your Raid Party to accept client payment. This ensures that funding can be allocated and distributed with consensus from all participants.

For those looking for guidance on how to structure a Raid bounty, here’s what we suggest:

  • 10% War Chest Treasury mandatory
  • 5% Hunter (Biz Dev)
  • 10% Cleric (Account Manager)
  • 15% Monk (Project Manager)
  • 60% Project (Wizard, Paladin, Archer, etc.)

This is meant to be a framework and as such, different Raid breakdowns may vary. All that we ask is that a minimum of 10% of Raid work is tributed back to the War Chest upon completion.

Summon a Raid Party

The best place to Summon new Members for a Raid is in the Battefield #who-is-available channel by tagging the roles in question.

Please give a realistic expectation of expected hours, a generalized overview on the Raid (including the client name + project), and budget. The more detail you can provide - the easier it will be to find a Raid Party.

Outside of #who-is-available you may also look in #back-tavern or scour active Raids to find Members which best suite your needs.

If all else fails, please find a Monk to help you establish a Raid Party, and be sure to draw from Apprentices to fill gaps as needed.


Finish a Raid

Once you’ve delivered on your Scope of Work, please have a Cleric communicate directly with the Client to ensure final payment has been made.

When payment is received, the very first step is to deposit 10% of that Raid total back to the War Chest.

This can be done by sending WETH (or any whitelisted token) to the DAO contract (0x...bf3d) and posting in #did-a-thing with the transaction hash.

While we can not manually enforce that you send your 10% tribute back to the War Chest - rest assured that should you skrt that law - Raid Guild will find you and you will be socially shamed to oblivion. If you do not have a compelling reason for not giving 10% of the DAO, you stand to be stripped of your Raid Guild Membership.

Next, be sure to archive your Raid Channel gets Archived by sending it to the Crypt. To do this, tag @Tavern Keeper in your channel and let them know to shut the Raid channel down.

Apply for RIP Funding

Looking to receive funding for a Raid Guild Improvement Proposal (RIP)? We suggest receiving soft consensus from the DAO before putting anything onchain. The best way to do this is as follows:

  • Create a post on the Raid Guild Forum detailing why it benefits the DAO and how it will be executed.
  • Submit a Github Pull Request here following the chronological order of the last RIP and attach it to the Forum post.
  • Share that Forum post in Discord under the #rip-discussion Guild HQ channel.
  • Share the proposal during the weekly Roundtable for additional comments and feedback.

By following these steps, your Proposal will receive far more feedback and have a much higher chance of being passed.