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How To: The Bridge to xDai and wxDai

This tutorial assumes that you already have DAI in your wallet, if you do not you will need to swap for it on your preferred exchange.

Step 1:

Go to your Metamask wallet, click on the networks tab and go to “Custom RPC”.

Input the following in each of the blanks:

Metamask RPC Setup

Step 2:


Once you are on the xDai bridge site, you will see the amount of Dai you have on Ethereum Mainnet as well as the amount of xDAi that you have available on xDai Chain. (You can easily navigate between xDai side chain and Ethereum Mainnet if you click on the networks tab your Metamask Wallet)

Step 3:

In order to swap your Mainnet Dai for xDai, you need to be connected to Ethereum Mainnet. If you want to swap your xDai for Dai, you need to be connectec to xDai Side chain.

To swap your tokens enter the amount you are looking to swap and hit “transfer”. … And just like that, you have your xDai on xDai Side Chain

How to Wrap my xDai to get wxDai?


If you are connected to Ethereum Mainnet, click on your MetaMask browser exstension, toggle networks, and switch to your xDai network.

You will see that the interface changes to reflect your change to xDai Side chain.

Select the amount you want to wrap and click submit! … Now you’re officially dogfooding, was devloped by our fellow Guild members.

Welcome to the beginnings of your journey on xDai!

The Bridge to xDAI and wxDAI