Happy Path

⚠️  WARNING: Never send funds (tokens or ETH) directly to the escrow smart contract. Those funds will not be recoverable.

  1. Raid party lead (i.e., Cleric or Monk) creates an escrow for the raid, with the following info:
    • Raid party multisig address
    • The client's address
    • Total payment amount
    • Number of milestones (a typical raid will have 2). Currently, milestones must have uniform payments. Future versions may allow different payment amounts per milestone.
    • Safety valve withdrawal date. This is the date past which the client can withdraw any remaining funds in escrow, on the assumption that the raid has not delivered on its promise. Make sure to leave plenty of buffer after the expected end of the raid.
  2. Raid party lead sends the client the raid ID (from Raid Central -- Raids V2) or the url to the raid escrow.
  3. Client Deposits total raid payment (note: must use the Deposit function).
  4. Client Releases first milestone payment
  5. Raid commences
  6. Once next milestone is reached, client releases the next payment
  7. Repeat 6 until all milestones have been completed and all money has been released

Note: currently, the escrow contract requires that clients deposit the entire payment amount at once. For larger raids, this may be burdensome for clients. Future versions will allow clients to deposit enough to cover the next milestone and then top up as milestones are finished. For now, this escrow service may be best applied to smaller raids or where clients already have all funds on hand.