Discord is the central point of communication for all things Raid Guild.

You can join the Discord here, and will be assigned an Apprentice role to start. As you level up in the DAO, you’ll unlock new private channels to take on bigger Raids and contribute to shaping the Guild as we know it today.

Getting Started

This first place you’ll want to make yourself known is #Tavern - where you can introduce yourself, your hobbies and your strengths.

From here, you’ll want to start earning some rep in the Guild by tackling open Apprentice issues in the #apprentice-good-first-issues channel.

You’ll notice there are a few #apprentice channels where you can meet and interact with other Guilders, making your presence heard in the Raid Guild Ether.

Long story short, you’ll need to work your way into the Guild, so the more issues you tackle to improve the Guild, the quicker you’ll receive a share! (and become part of the Guild).


Just as with any strong Discord, we use Roles to showcase different skill sets. These Roles are used to Summon Guilders for different Raids, and should only be assigned if you can be called upon to complete the necessary tasks associated with each of them.

Developer Roles

ApprenticeNew ApplicantsAssigned to new people applying to join the DAO.
ArcherDesignAssigned to members with artistic, graphic design and illustration speciality.
DruidData Science/AnalyticsAssigned to members with research, SEO and data analysis speciality.
PaladinBackend DevAssigned to members with Java, Python, Rust, Node or any backend development speciality.
NecromancerDevOpsAssigned to members with technical configuration and optimization speciality.
RangerUX/User TestingAssigned to members with user experience, feedback and testing expertise.
WarriorFrontend DevAssigned to members with React, CSS, HTML or any other frontend specialities.
WizardSmart ContractsAssigned to members with Solidity, Vyper or any other smart contract specialities.

Non-Developer Roles

Angry DwarfTreasuryAssigned to members with accounting and finance speciality.
ClericAccount ManagerAssigned to members with hybrid comms or project management speciality.
HunterBizDevAssigned to members with business and sales development speciality.
MonkPMAssigned to members with managing, budgeting and documentation speciality.
Mystic AlchemistDAO ConsultantAssigned to members with expertise in DAO user, advising and consulting.
RogueLegalAssigned to members with legal advising and analysing capabilities.
ScribeContent CreatorAssigned to members with media expertise such as writing, video taping and podcasting.
Tavern KeeperCommunityAssigned to members for managing community related activities.
HealerInternal OpsAssigned to members for managing internal operations of the guild.

Notice a role (or skill) we’re missing? Suggest a new one in the #ops channel and if you get soft consensus deploy it !

As it stands today, Guilders holding at least one share can assign themselves any role they see fit. Please do not overassign yourself in order to give those who are highly skilled in specific areas the chance to shine. We recommend assigning a maximum of 5 roles to start and branching outwards over time.

The larger vision is that your player card will follow you from community to community within the Meta-Ecosystem (MetaCartel/MetaGame/RaidGuild)!


Within the Raid Guild Discord, you’ll notice a suite of Categories each full of different sub-channels. Here’s what you need to know about each.


Public channels are available to everyone in the Discord. This offers a crossing ground for Apprentices and Guilders and is largely recreational. Guilders should keep a close eye on #apprentice-good-first-issues as this is where Apprentices are earning their chops and contributing to better refine the Guild.

#tavernOpenWelcome messages, small talk, basic Q & A.
#memesOpenCrowd sourcing interesting,funny, thought provoking content from our community.
#learningOpenCrowd sourcing interesting, informative and thought provoking content from our community.
#apprentice-lobbyOpenA place for new applicants to chat and ask questions.
#good-first-issuesOpenA place for new applicants to pick up issues to work on.
#show-n-tellOpenA place for new applicants to show their skills/previous accomplishments.


A place for Guilders to chat with one another about general Raid questions and feedback, discuss Client submissions and find new Guilders to form a Raid Party. If you’re looking for people to help you on your Raid, Battlefield is a great first place to start.

#devMembers OnlyA place to discuss developer specific thoughts and ideas.
#designMembers OnlyA place to discuss design specific thoughts and ideas.
#back-tavernMembers OnlyInternal chat for members only, ideas, thoughts, questions.
#client-submissionsMembers OnlyData from client requests on Airtable form are dropped into this channel.
#who-is-avaliableMembers OnlyA place to find team members to jump on new raids by mentioning roles required.

Guild HQ

HQ is where we discuss Raid Guild improvements. From championing new members to enhanced operations and treasury management, Guild HQ is where you’ll look when chatting about anything to help make Raid Guild better than it is today.

Got an idea for how to improve Raid Guild with an internal Raid? Check out #rip-discussion to make a Raid Improvement Proposal (RIP) and get feedback and soft consensus form other Guilders.

#announcementsMembers OnlyBot drops new member proposals, things that require DAO member visibility.
#rip-discussionMembers OnlyRaidGuild Internal Improvements are things we fund internal for the good of the Guild.
#championsMembers OnlyWhere we promote new applicants to the existing members of the Guild.
#generalMembers OnlyRequesting feedback, gathering support on an idea, vetting a potential raid.
#opsMembers OnlyInternal operations, projects, promotions of the Guild.
#propsMembers OnlyA place to promote someone who did awesome work.
#did-a-thingMembers OnlyA place to share something awesome that you did for the Guild.
#shillMembers OnlyGet retweets/likes for our twitter/medium articles.

Active Raids

This is where all active Raids are listed. You will notice each subchannel starts with #raid signalling it is an ongoing engagement. Each Raid is given a unique name and a pinned message which describes what the Raid is about.

Keen to get involved with a given Raid? Kinda slide through the subchannel and politely ask where you can add value. More times than not Raids can always use an extra hand!

#[raid-project/rip-project]Members OnlyProjects you’re working on go here. Each channel requires a pinned message so other members know what the raid entails.

Client Chats

As we sort out an engagement with a client, we may open a Client Chat subchannel to discuss the scope and figure out exactly what is needed. Client chats are a great way to get some visibility into who’s on the other side of a Raid, and their tone, expectations and budget for an ongoing Raid.

Not all Raids have a Client Chat in Discord, as many times this happens outside of Discord on platforms like Telegram. Please respect that all Client Chats are proprietary and that any information taken from Client Chats and used maliciously may result in a permanent banning from Raid Guild.

#[client-project]Members OnlyClient and team discussions before starting the raid.

Crypt Closed Raids

Archived Raid channels that have been closed out. Learn more about when it’s time to close a Raid using How To Close a Raid.

Navigating Discord

There’s a lot going on in our Discord. Please never hesitate to ask questions if you get lost. The best place to do so is in #Tavern as an Apprentice or in #general or #ops as a Guilder.

If you have yet to receive a response about your Discord question, search by the @Tavern Keeper Role and ping them along with your question. If you do not receive a response form a @Tavern Keeper, feel free to DM them. However, we encourage all questions to remain in public channels for future conversations and reference.