Discord Bots

Do Raid Guild Bots Dream of Electric Tweets?

The Raid Guild relies on several bots to accomplish different automated tasks. Below is a quick guide to help you get to know how to interact with the different bots you might come across in the Raid Guild Discord Server.


Collab.Land allows anyone to utilize tokenized community management systems to create incentive alignment, automate processes, and reward participation.

This bot connects to your wallet and checks to see if you can join certain channels. There are channels in the server that are require tokens to see. Collab.Land confirms your access. To engage run:


Here's a link to Collab.land if you'd like to learn more.

Collab.land YouTube video


Groovy is a music playing bot.

Groovy is the quickest way to turn your Discord server into the big stage. Whether you're an upcoming artist, a super star, or a hobby DJ: Sharing music through Discord has never been easier. -https://groovy.bot/

A list of of Groovy commands can be seen below:



Friend Time

With Friend Time you can easily coordinate times between users.

Friend Time will automatically react with a clock emoji (🕰️) to times mentioned in chat:


To set your timezone type "-ft map" After that, you will be taken to a map where you can select your time zone. Copy the name of your time zone and paste it as a comment.

-ft set <pasted time zone>

BrightID Discord Bot

Verify users with Bright ID.



🤖 BrightID Bot to verify users in Discord.

Click here to Invite BrightID Bot to your server

Quick end-user guide

Interacting with the bot is simple; it offers 2 commands

  • "!verify": Sends a QR Code to link the BrightID app to Discord
  • "!me": Adds the "Verified" role to verified users

To use BrightID Bot:

  1. Type !verify
  2. Scan the code (or click the link) BrightID Bot shows you
  3. Use an app that has sponsorships. See https://explorer.brightid.org/apps/index.html
  4. Type !me


Skillbot is used in the Raid Guild to make it easier for members to connect with people based on their skills. It is used to find people and help other to be found based on your roles in the guild.

An excellent tutorial can be found at


xDai Faucet

xDai Faucet is a place you can recieve xDai deposited to your wallet


Made possible by @luigy 𝗹𝗲𝗺𝗼𝗻


😀EZPZ event creation

  • Specify times however the hell you want. No more rigid formats to follow.
  • Simple RSVP via reactions, plus reminders (optional).
  • Wanna play Fortnite in a fortnight? We support you.



Suggestion Bot.

Suggestion bot is a way to submit suggestions or thoughts on how to improve the community. It has anonymity built into it to further support the idea that all participants are welcome and are encouraged to share their input.

To engage, DM the bot:

!suggest <anonymous message>

Haus Bot

This bot is operating on Raid Guild discord channels #dao-verified, #uh-notifications and #haus-of-daos for the convenience of DAO Haus and UBERHAUS in order to keep track of incoming member proposals. It contains variables such as:

  • the name fo the proposal
  • a short description of the proposal
  • the amount of member shares
  • the tribute amount of WXDAI
  • the funding amount
  • the amount of loot shares

A link on the panel redirects you to the proposal on app.daohaus.club, where you can see all the details and the actions taken upon it.

It is a notification bot that announces new DAO summons & proposals

Three cheers to vengist#8655 for creating the bot


Sentry bot is built for raid guild’s own internal purpose and it’s both a bot and a server