Champion a New Member

Raid Guild grows organically, adding new members as individual existing members deem appropriate and champion them in. Our championing process relies both on the Champion being a good judge of who is a good fit for the Guild as well as on the Champion’s reputation within the Guild being at stake.

In addition to reputation, to ensure that we are only bringing the highests quality new members, Champions must also put down $RAID as a semi-financial stake.

We also recognize that Championing involves a degree of mentorship. To encourage and compensate Champions for their mentorship of new members, Champions of successful new members will receive a $RAID reward in addition to receiving back their original stake.

$RAID Staking

To champion a new member, a Champion must stake $RAID. The stake amount depends on the type of applicant:

  • If the applicant has finished one of the Raid Guild Cohorts, the required stake is 25,000 $RAID
    • Exception: if the Champion is from the same cohort season as the applicant, the required stake is the same as for non-cohort applicants.
  • If not, the required stake is 50,000 $RAID

The Champion will receive their stake back if the new member meets the success criteria outlined below.

$RAID Reward

Champions receive a reward of 25,000 RAID if their new member meets success criteria outlined below.

Success Criteria

New members are successful when they contribute to the Raid Guild community, bring in value to the Guild, and earn income for themselves.

Within the first 60 days after their membership proposal is processed, new members must:

  1. Successfully join at least 1 raid or RIP. This include raids or RIPs completed within the first 60 days as well as raids or RIPs still in progress (provided the member is in good standing on that project).
  2. Attend at least 2 Guild meetings, including Roundtable and Raider Rally.
  3. Demonstrate shared values with the Guild (at the discretion of the DAO).

Championing Process

Follow these steps to Champion in a new member:

  1. Stake the appropriate amount of $RAID by transferring the $RAID to the New Member Championing minion at this address: 0x45b49f854eebadbdb59ede30fe5b37ba56a0f26c.
  2. Send the blockscout transaction url for your stake transaction to the applicant.
  3. Have the applicant submit a membership proposal to the DAO and include the stake transaction url in the proposal description.
  4. If/once the proposal passes and is processed, help the new member get onboarded and engaged in Guild activities.
  5. Record your new member's activity related to the new member success criteria.
  6. If/once your new member has met the new member success criteria, make a proposal requesting your original stake plus your reward from the New Member Championing minion. Your proposal should include proof of the new member's achievements against the success criteria. This is how the Guild will validate their success.s